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The Half Moon
The Winnipesaukee Marketplace
          History of the Lakeside Hotel
Lakeside Hotel in 1950's Weeks St Side
                    Lakeside Hotel in 1950's Entrance
                    Lakeside Hotel in 1940's
                              Allegro Article Bobby Pring
                              Mal Hallett on Big Bands Database
                    Lakeside Hotel 1960 Advertisement
View of Weirs Beach Waterfront circa 1905
          Postcard History
Mount Leaving Weirs Beach

1. Location

Location Pagemarks:
Travel by Car
Travel by Boat
Travel by Train

Travel by Plane
Travel by Bus

Location Internal Links:
Postcard Map of Lake Winnipesaukee with 3 linen scenes of Weirs Beach
Lake Winnisquam
Map of Lakes Region area
The Winnecoette
Shangri-La Motel
Brickyard Mountain Inn
Spindle Point Observatory
Postcard Map of Lake Winnipesaukee and Major Islands
Postcard Map of Lake Winnipesaukee, Older
Mount Approaching Various Lake Towns
Mount Approaching Weirs Beach, late 1920's
Northeast Airlines, 1950's
Original Weirs Beach Seaplane Ride
          Pusher Configuration - Wikipedia Article
          Flying Boats - Wikipedia Article
          Floatplanes - Wikipedia Article
The Weirs Seaplane Base
          Airmail Service on Winnipesaukee in 1925 - Article
          Colorized Photo of 1925 Airmail Service at Weirs Beach
Weirs Beach Public Docks, 1950's
1892 map of Weirs Beach
Fun Illustrated Lake Winnipesaukee Map

Location External Links:
Tanger Outlet Center
New Hampshire International Speedway
Belknap Mall
Postcard Classifications
Photo of Spindle Point
Spindle Point Information
Meredith Bay Homes
M/S Mount Washington
Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad
Laconia Airport Authority
Manchester–Boston Regional Airport
Nonstop Flights to Manchester on FlyHere.com
LRST Airport Shuttle Service
Alton Bay Seaplane Base
Center Harbor Seaplane Base
Meredith Seaplane Base
Tuftonboro Seaplane Base
Wolfeboro Seaplane Base
Lakes Region Seaplane Services
Lakes Biplane
New Hampshire Aviation Historical Society
Concord Coach
Winnipesaukee Transit Authority

2. Beach

Beach Pagemarks:
Wide Weirs Channel

Beach History
Beach Rules

Beach Internal Links:
Near-360 Degree Panorama of Weirs Beach
Beach Scene Circa 1956
Beautiful Beach Scene (Number 7 of 12-View Multiview Postcard)
Beach Scene, Early 1960's
Beach Scenes Circa 1960
Linen Postcard Beach Scene Mid 1950's
Beach and Mount Scene
Spectacular Panorama of Weirs Bay
Linen Postcard Beach Scene Early 1950's
Aquedoctan Stone Bridge
Rare Stereview Photograph of Covered Wooden Bridge, Weirs Channel
Uncle Sam, Street Railway, and Early Auto Converge on Weirs Channel
Endicott Rock Park Circa 1950
Endicott Rock Park Circa 1945
Endicott Rock Park Circa 1960 (Number 5 of 10-View Multiview Postcard)
Beautiful Beach Scene late 1950's
Weirs Beach Business Community 1962
History of the Lakeview House
Large Raft off Weirs Beach 1940's
Bathing at Endicott Park 1930's Raft
Bathing at Endicott Park 1930's Mini-Beach
Wooden Boats Congregate Offshore Weirs Beach 1940s
Seaplanes Congreate Offshore Weirs Beach 1940s
Weirs Channel 1960 & 1950 & Endicott Rock Memorial
Beach Mid 1960's Showing Jetty
Weirs Beach Jetty Number Two
1949 Aerial Photo of Endicott Rock Park
Weirs Beach 1962 Connected to Docks

Beach External Links:
Army Corps of Engineers

3. Boardwalk

Boardwalk Pagemarks:
1st Way Down
2nd Way Down

3rd Way Down
4th Way Down
5th Way Down


Boardwalk Internal Links:
Early Arrivals by Peter Ferber
Weirs Beach's Original Train Station
          Kilburn Brothers Stereoviews
Shops Along the Boardwalk in 1965
Public Bandstand at Irwin's Winnipesaukee Gardens
The Original Winnipesaukee Pier
Hotel Weirs Wharf
Civil War Parade

Boardwalk in 1957

Boardwalk External Links:
The Art Place - Bio of Peter Ferber
M/S Mount Washington
Laconia Savings Bank
Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad
4-4-0 Steam Engines on Wikipedia
Winnipesaukee Pier
Winnipesaukee Pier Mini Golf Course
Anchor Marine

4. Attractions & Shopping

Attractions & Shopping Pagemarks:
Train Rides

Water Parks
Mini Golf
Go Karts

Other To Dos
Brickyard Mountain

Attractions & Shopping Internal Links:
Half Moon Amusement Arcades
          1940's Biography of Sid Ames
          History of the Half Moon
                    Waiting at Dock as Steamer Pulls In - Circa 1912
                    Bob Wagner
                    The Hotel Samoset
                    The Half Moon Tea Room
                    Original Ice House in Weirs Beach
                    The Half Moon Restaurant
                    The Half Moon Tea Room Cabins
                    Howard Ballou's in the 1940's
                    The Half Moon Late 1950's
                    Half Moon Purchase
                    1962 View from Half Moon Cabins
                    A Kool Time at the Korner Kubbard
          Games for Sale - Year 2000 Auction
Half Moon Penny Arcade
Half Moon Family Fun Center
Half Moon Bumper Cars
The Sophie C & Doris E Around 1960

Railroad Schedule 1893
Balloon Ascension 1900's

A Busy Day at the Weirs
First Miniature Golf Course in Weirs Beach
Howard Johnson's History
Colonial Theater Restoration Effort - List of News Articles
Colonial Theater Lobby and Auditorium
Great Laconia Fair of 1902
Augustus Doe's Brickyard at Brickyard Mountain
The Foxy
Old Mount Washington Steamer Image Gallery Part I
Old Mount Washington Steamer Image Gallery Part II
New Mount Washington Image Gallery
Sophie C. Image Gallery
Doris E. Image Gallery
Governor Endicott Image Gallery
Uncle Sam Image Gallery
Lady Of the Lake Image Gallery
          Lady of the Lake Figurehead
         The Lady of Lake Memphremagog
Weirs Jewelry Outlet
Half Moon Gift Shop
Half Moon Beach Shop
Tarlson's Arcade - 1960
Pinney's Gift Shop - 1940's
Clow Sisters Gift House

Attractions & Shopping External Links:
M/S Mount Washington
Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad
Weirs Beach Waterslide
Surf Coaster
Winnipesaukee Pier
Volcano Mini-Golf
Daytona Fun Park
Logs of Fun
Logs of Fun Nature Walk
Funspot Mini Golf
Pirate's Cove
Weirs Beach Go-Kart Track
The Racing School
Weirs Beach Drive-In Theater
Winnipesaukee Playhouse
Colonial Theatre - Cinema Treasures Listing
New York Times - Theatre Restoration Article
League of Historic American Theatres
NH Fisher Cats
NH Phantoms
Manchester Wolves
Manchester Monarchs
Lake Winnipesaukee Watershed Association - Lake Facts
New England Lost Ski Areas Project (NELSAP) - Brickyard Mountain
Karen's Gift Shop

5. Activities & Events

Activities & Events Pagemarks:
Square Dancing

Winni Derby
Laconia Nationals
Track Car Meet

Motorcycle Week
NH Motor Speedway
Soul Fest

Timberman Triathalon
Lake Winnipesaukee Relay Race
Antique & Classic Boat Show
Arts & Crafts Shows
Historical Events
Winter Events

Activities & Events Internal Links:
Fireworks Schedule
Fireworks Photo
Music at the Marketplace
Weirs Beach's Original Music Hall
Interior of 1903-1924 Music Hall
Irwin's Winnipesaukee Gardens Ballroom
Barbershoppers Large Group Photo
Square Dancing on the Boardwalk
Weirs Beach Riot of 1965 - NY Times Article
Weirs Beach Riot of 1965 - Life Magazine Article
Gypsy Tour History
          Gypsy Tour Souvenirs
          AMA History
Motorcycle Racing - 1950's
Aquafest - 1996
Beach Beauties
Boat Carnivals & Private Wharves, The Belle of the Isles, The Swallow
Ice Fishing Bobhouse On Weirs Bay
Laconia World Championship Sled Dog Derby Pinback Buttons

Activities & Events External Links:
Lake Winnipesaukee (Winni) Fishing Derby
Laconia Nationals
White Mountains Track Car Meet
Laconia Motorcycle Week Official Website
New Hampshire Motor Speedway
New Hampshire Motor Speedway - Aerial Photos
The Soul Fest
Montreal-Boston Tour
Timberman Triathalon
Ellacoya State Park
The Quilted Frog
The Bass Federation Eastern Divisional
Lake Winnipesaukee Relay Race - North Medford Club
Antique & Classic Boat Show
Lake Winnipesaukee Museum
Castleberry Fairs & Festivals
Lakes Region Arts & Crafts Festival - Meredith
Speedboat Racing in the 1920's Article
Miss Winnipesaukee Beauty Pageant
Great Rotary Ice Fishing Derby
Laconia World Championship Sled Dog Derby
New England Pond Hockey Classic

6. Eating Places & Nightlife

Eating Places & Nightlife Pagemarks:
At the Center of Weirs Beach
At the Entrance to Weirs Beach
Elsewhere in Weirs Beach


Eating Places & Nightlife Internal Links:
Patio Garden Restaurant
Stageview Subshop
JB Scoops Ice Cream
New Hotel Weirs Ice Cream Parlor
Half Moon Pizza Stand
New Hotel Weirs Dining Room & Banquet Hall
Weirs Beach at Night circa 1959 (a.k.a The Great White Way)

Eating Places & Nightlife External Links:
Trip Advisor
Pier Restaurant
Brookside House of Pizza III
Crazy Gringo
Paradise Beach Club
Weirs Beach Smokehouse
Looney Bin
Boot Hill Saloon
Broken Spoke Saloon

7. Parking

Parking Pagemarks:
Parking Lots
Beachview Parking Lot
Parking Meters
1940-1986 Railroad Station
Parking History

Parking Internal Links:
Weirs Beach Parking Map
          The Shore Path
          The Shore Path, additional views
Lakeside Avenue & Train Station Late 1950's; Jean's Cafe Sign
Late 1950's Boat Festival & Rooftop Band Stand
1938 or 1939 Aerial of Weirs Beach Showing 4 Sets of RR Tracks
Railroad Tracks & Lakeside Avenue in 1906
Lakeside Avenue Late 1920's
View from Winnipesaukee Marketplace Footbridge, 1940's
Weirs Bay, Sophie C, Public Docks, RR Station, Lakeside Ave, 1953-1955
Aero View of Weirs Beach, 1930's
Lakeside Avenue Early 1940's and in 1961

Parking External Links:
Weirs Channel Aerial Photos by Lakes Region Aerials

8. Atmosphere

Atmosphere Pagemarks:
Weirs Action Committee
Weirs Beach Sign
Endicott Rock Statue

Utility Wires

Atmosphere Internal Links:
Weirs Beach Sign – 2005 First Lighting
Weirs Beach Sign – 2006 50th Birthday Celebration
Weirs Beach Sign – 2002 Restoration
Weirs Beach Sign – 1956 Installation
Weirs Beach Sign – 1957 Celebrity Visit
Photo of "Captain Jack", Original Endicott Rock Statue
Grand Victorian, Old Orchard Beach
Weirs Beach Revitalization Plan of 1940
Weirs Beach Revitalization Plan of 1947
Weirs Beach Revitalization Plan of 1966 – Area Map
Weirs Beach Revitalization Plan of 1966 – Core Drawing
Downtown Laconia Before Urban Renewal
Weirs Beach Revitalization Plan of 1979
Weirs Community Park Plan – 1998
The Half Moon's New Facade
Endicott Rock Park Plan 2001
Weirs Beach Revitalization Plan of 2008
Winnipesaukee in the Future
Meredith in the Future

Atmosphere External Links:
Endicott Rock – New Statue 2005 Dedication Program – on Winnipesaukee Forum
Endicott Rock – Initials – on Winnipesaukee Forum
NH's Native American Inter-Tribal Council
Weirs Action Committee Official Website
Laconia State School
Grand Victorian in Old Orchard Beach
New Hampshire Watersheds
Lochmere Archeological District on Waymarking .com
Town of Belmont et al. v. Elizabeth Dole
Meredith Bay Homes
National Register of Historic Places – Belknap County, New Hampshire (NH Veterans Assoc.)
Lake Winnipesaukee Historical Society Museum

9. History

History Pagemarks:

1893-1939 Railroad Station
New Hotel Weirs
Golden Era
Lakeside House

History Internal Links:
The Lakeport Dam
Ahquedaukenash in the Weirs Channel
Miller's Dams in the Weirs Channel
1855 Engraving from Ballou's Pictorial
The Lochmere Dam
The Avery Dam
Wing Dam at Lakeport
Franklin Aerial – Confluence of Pemigewasset and Winnipesaukee Rivers
Endicott Rock – Historical Postcards
Endicott Rock Dedication Invitation
The Fort at Aquedoctan
Interlaken Park
          Camp Acadia Article at LWHS
          Camp Acadia Brochure
Low Lake Level – Winter 2001
Weirs Cafe
BC&M System Map, 1880-1882
1860 Map of Belknap County; Detail of Weirs Steamboat Landing
1909 Route Map of B&M Railroad in New Hampshire
The Concord & Montreal Railroad
          Benjamin Ames Kimball
1892 Concord & Montreal RR Maps
1894 Concord & Montreal RR Maps
1893-1939 Train Station Canopy – Historical Views:
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12
Boardwalk - 2008 Damage and Repairs
          Winnipesaukee River Basin Program
Marshfield Base Station of Cog Railway, circa 1880
1885 Map of Lake Winnipesaukee
          Lake Shore Railroad Part 1
Lake Shore Railroad Part 2
Tilton Belmont Branch B&M Railroad
1900 Map of Lake Winnipesaukee
Lady Of the Lake Image Gallery
          Lady of the Lake Figurehead
1885 Guidebook Summer Saunterings
Mount Washington Steamer Image Gallery
Mount Washington Steamer Passengers
Steamship Chocorua
1884 B&M System Map; Lake Shore Railroad Extension
Lady and Mount at Center Harbor
Spelling of Lake Name Official Act
Meaning of Lake Name Controversy
G.A.R. (NHVA) Buildings circa 1900
G.A.R. (NHVA) Buildings circa 1924
Historical Timeline of the NHVA
          Lowell Building
          Speakers Stand
                    Alton Bay Campground (Advent Grove)
          Sanborn Memorial
                    More Sanborn Memorial Photos
          Dining Pavilion
          5th Regiment
          Arc Sign
          3rd Regiment
          7th Regiment
          2nd Regiment
          Manchester House
          16th Regiment
          1st Cavalry
          9th and 11th Regiments
          15th Regiment
          8th and 13th Regiments
          National Veterans Association
          14th Regiment
          Cavalry Avenue
          Laommi Bean Statue
          Sharpshooters and Heavy Artillery
          State Barracks
Veteran's Reunion Color & B&W Photo
Gov. Day Parade, NHVA
Sarah Palin at Weirs Beach
Weirs Beach Waterfront circa 1906
Loammi Bean Statue

          Nestledown Farm

Diamond Island House

Hotel Sanborn RR Schedule
New Hotel Weirs Dining Room & Banquet Hall
New Hotel Weirs Music Room
New Hotel Weirs Architecture

          Kearsarge House
          The Maplewood
          The Uplands
          Forest Hills Hotel
          Lancaster House
          The Deer Park

The New Hotel Weirs: 0  0.5  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12
13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24
  25  26  27  28  29
30  31  32  33  34
          New Hotel Weirs 12-View Fold-out Postcard
The Winnecoette Hotel
The Endicott Hotel
The Aquedoktan Hotel
The Lakeview Hotel
The Lakeside House:
0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18
The Lakeside Hotel
Story's Tavern: 0
  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13
Story's Tavern Burns
Great Weirs Beach Fire of 1924

Laconia Car Company
1892 Map of Laconia
Half Moon Tea Room
Irwin's Winnipesaukee Gardens
Another Summer by Peter Ferber
Weirs Souvenir Booklet 1889: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
Lake Winnipesaukee Postcard Folder 1906
Lake Winnipesaukee Postcard Folder 1915

History External Links:
National Register of Historic Places – Belknap County, New Hampshire (Endicott Rock)
Pennacook Indians on Wikipedia
Abenaki Indians on Wikipedia
Algonquin Indians on Wikipedia
Fish Weirs – Lewis & Clark Account
American Shad – Wikipedia Entry
Merrimack River Watershed Council
Mills and Dams Along the Merrimack River
Canals and Locks Along the Merrimack River
Winnipesaukee River – Wikipedia Entry
Merrimack River Basin – US Army Corp of Engineers
Anadromous Fish Conservation Act of 1965
Merrimack River Anadromous Fish Committee
NH Department of Fish and Game – Anadromous Fisheries in NH
Amoskeag Dam in Manchester
Amoskeag Dam Fishways
Hooksett Dam
Garvin Falls Dam in Bow
Sewall Falls Dam in Concord
Sewall Falls Park
PSNH Merrimack River Dams License
Fish Return Counts
Franklin Dam
Clement Dam in Tilton
Wing Dam – Wikipedia Entry
Endicott Rock Park – NH Division of Parks an`d Recreation
The Reverend Gabriel Druillettes
Logging Railroads in the Pemigewasett Valley
Map of RR Lines in NH – NH DOT
NERAIL Photo Gallery of the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad
New Hampshire DOT Rail Plan
New Hampshire Railroad Revitalization Association
New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority
Mogul 2-6-0 Locomotive on Wikipedia
Kimball's Castle
The Concord Coach
Sir Walter Scott's Poem "The Lady Of the Lake"
New Hampshire Veterans Association
Stilson Hutchins on Wikipedia
Aerial of Sarah Palin Rally
Seashore Trolley Museum
New Hampshire Boat Museum
The Art Place - Bio of Peter Ferber
Lake Winnipesaukee Historical Society
The Weirs Times
McDude's 3-part Weirs Beach Thread
McDude's Weirs Image Gallery
Laconia Historical Society
Gilford Historical Society
Meredith Historical Society
New Hampshire Historical Society

10. Recreation

Recreation Pagemarks:

Horseback Riding

Nature Walking
Prescott Farm
SCUBA Diving

Winter Sports

Recreation Internal Links:
Weirs Ski Club
The Weirs Ski Club Show by Peter Ferber
Canoeing on Lake Winnipesaukee
Historical Scenic Views of Lake Winnipsaukee
          Mt. Major
          Locke's Hill (Kimball's Castle)
          Red Hill
          West Rattlesnake
          Historical Aerials

Public Beach Snow Fencing
Prescott Farm
Toboggan Chute at Laconia Winter Carnival
Championship Snomobile Racing Circa 1960

Recreation External Links:
Anchor Marine
Thurston's Marina
The Art Place - Bio of Peter Ferber
Antique & Classic Boat Show
AWSA East (Eastern Region of the American Water Ski Association)
Fay's Boat Yard
Dive Winnipesaukee
Lake Winnipesaukee Sailing Association
Wild Meadow Canoes
Sports & Marine ParaFunalia
Winnipesaukee Rowing Club
SLA Resource Center
Lakeport Landing
Launch Sites Around Lake Winnipesaukee
NH Permanent Boating License Safety Course & Exam
NH Temporary Boating License Locations
Gunstock (Summer)
Mountainside Outfitters at Gunstock
The Belknap Lakes
Highland Mountain Bike Park
DeLorme New Hampshire Atlas & Gazetteer
Lakes Region Bicycling
Guided Fishing Tours
Paugus Bay Sports Shop
Wet Wolfe Rentals
Cobble Mountain Stables
Mountain Side Trails
NH Equestrians' List of Stables
Belknap Mountain Firetower
Belknap Mountain Range Trail List (scroll down)
Mt Major Trail Description on Local Hikes
Castle In The Clouds
View from Bald Knob
Stonedam Island

Waukewan Highlands
Hamlin Recreation Area
Lockes Hill
View from Lockes Hill
Red Hill
View from Red Hill
Red Hill Firetower
Chamberlain-Reynolds Memorial Forest
West Rattlesnake Mountain
View from West Rattlesnake
The Loon Center
More Trail Descriptions:
Mt. BelknapMt. MajorLockes HillRed Hill
Waukewan Golf Course
Laconia Country Club
Pheasant Ridge
Oak Hill
Gilford Hills Tennis and Fitness Club
Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center
Winnipeasaukee-Opechee-Winnipeasukee (WOW) Recreation Trail
Meredith Village Pathway
Lake Winnisquam Trail
Winnipesaukee River Trail
Fathom Divers
Lake Winnipesaukee Dive Sites
Dive Winnipesaukee
Beginners' Diving Lessons
Laconia Ice Arena
Gilford Ice Rink
Gunstock (Winter)
Belknap Snowmobilers

A. Accommodations

Accommodations Pagemarks:
At the Center of Weirs Beach
On Weirs Boulevard
On Endicott Street North

Elsewhere in Weirs Beach

Home Rentals

Accommodations Internal Links:
Half Moon Motel & Cottages
Romeo's Balcony
The Cozy Inn circa 1920
The Shangri-La and the Winnecoette
Look Off Rock
Christmas Island
Camping at Endicott Rock Park
Little Cape Codders Motel

Accommodations External Links:
Trip Advisor
Cozy Inn & Lakeview House
Weirs Beach Motel & Cottages
Channel Inn & Cottages
Proctors Lakehouse Cottages
Naswa Resort
Bay Top Motel
Lazy E Motor Inn
Holiday Bay Cottages
Weirs Beach Smokehouse
Lake Winnipesaukee Motel
Lighthouse Inn
Lighthouse Cottages
East Haverhill House
Greater Laconia/Weirs Beach Chamber of Commerce

B. Services

Services Pagemarks:
Convenience Stores
Service Stations

City Services
Medical Services
Other Services

Chamber History

Services Internal Links:
Cram's Store
Highland Gas Station
Knotty Pine Grill
Teen Haven
The Lakeside Garage
Original Methodist Church in Weirs Beach
Great Weirs Beach Fire of 1924
The Grange
Weirs Beach Post Office 1945
Weirs Beach Information Booth 1940's
Weirs Beach Information Booth 1950's
1952 Map of Weirs Beach
1952 Railroad Passengers Arriving on Boardwalk

Services External Links:
Anchor Marine Variety Store
Weirs United Methodist Church
St. Helena Mission Church
Laconia Fire Department
Laconia Police Department
Laconia Public Library
National Register of Historic Places – Belknap County, New Hampshire
         Gale Memorial Library & Laconia Post Office
City of Laconia
Lakeport Community Association
Lakes Region General Hospital
Laconia Clinic
Weirs Health Center
Doctor of Osteopathy – On Wikipedia
Master of Public Health – On Wikipedia
Ganong Real Estate
Greater Laconia/Weirs Beach Chamber of Commerce
1948 Map of Weirs Beach on Winnipesaukee.com
Greater Franklin Chamber of Commerce

C. Information

Information Internal Links:
Lake Winnipesaukee 10-View Multiview Postcard
          1. The Motor Vessel Mount Washington
          2. In Tuftonboro
          3. Center Harbor and Red Hill
          4. From Meredith Hill – Loch Haven
          5. Endicott Rock Park, Weirs Beach
          6. Lakeport, Opechee, and Paugus
                       Lakeport, Opechee, and Paugus Aerial
                       Paugus Bay Aerial
                       Lakeport Aerial
Laconia Aerial Looking North
Laconia Aerial Looking Northeast
Lakeport Aerial Looking Northeast
Laconia Aerial Looking Northwest
          7. Mount Belknap Recreational Area
          8. MV Mount Washington at Alton Bay
          9. In Downtown Wolfeboro
                       Hotel Elmwood
                       Wolfeboro Railroad Images
                       Wolfeboro Railroad History
10. Melvin Village
Prescott Farm
Lakes Region Association Old Map #1
Lakes Region Association Old Map #2
Lakes Region Association Old Map #3
Lakes Region Planning Commission Map of the Lakes Region
Lake Winnipesaukee 12-View Multiview Postcard
          1. The Motor Vessel Mount Washington
          2. In Downtown Wolfeboro
          3. Melvin Village
          4. Long Island Bridge, Moultonborough - NOT!
                       Durgin Bridge
          5. Approaching Center Harbor
          6. Red Hill from Dane Farm
          7. Endicott Beach at the Weirs
          8. MV Mount Washington at Weirs Beach
          9. Water Ski Exhibition (Weirs Ski Club)
          10. From Meredith Hill – Loch Haven
          11. Mt Belknap Chair Lift
                       Summertime Chairlift Rides at Gunstock
Mount Rowe Ski Area
Gunstock Nordic Association
Snow Train Article from Weirs Times
Torger Tokle, Ski Jumping Champion, WWII Hero
Penny Pitou Biography on NH.com
1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, CA
Hotel Kristberg, Lech, Austria
NH Preservation Alliance
Penny Pitou Travel Agency
Zimmerman's Ski Shop
Fritzie Baer Bio
                       Photo of Rowe Mountain Chairlift
New England Ski Museum
Gunstock Mountain Historic Preservation Society
                       Collection of Belknap Postcards
Belknap Mountain Range, View Of
Belknap Mountain Range, Alternate View Of
                       Belknap Range from Mt. Rowe Summit

          12. Lake from Alton Bay

The Art Place - Bio of Peter Ferber

Information External Links:
Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce
Meredith Chamber of Commerce
Lakes Region Association
Lakes Region Planning Commission
NH Office of Travel & Tourism


Fireworks Internal Links:
Half Moon Motel & Cottages
Fireworks at Weirs Beach 1950's

Fireworks External Links:
City of Laconia
M/S Mount Washington
Winnipesaukee Pier
Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad


Music Internal Links:

Music External Links:
Summer Bands:
Lisa Young & Company
Ben Rudnick & Friends
Tim Gurshin & Dick Ray
Ricky & The Giants
Ethan Stone
Tim Laroche
Motorcycle Week Bands:

Tony Sarno
Rhythm Method
Grinning Lizards
Love Dogs
Pi Alley
Country Felix
Tweed Brothers
Chris Fitz
Mario Perrett
Mill City Rockers
Kid Pinky
Classic Trax
Groove Authority
Roxanne & The Voodoo Rockers

Motorcycle Week

Motorcycle Week Internal Links:
Patio Garden Restaurant Dinner Menu
Patio Garden Restaurant Cocktail Menu
Master List of Vendors (2000)
Winnipesaukee Marketplace Motorcycle Week Site Plan (2000)
The Half Moon Motorcycle Week Site Plan (2000)
Beachview Bazaar Motorcycle Week Site Plan (2000)
Motorcycle Racing - 1950's
Gypsy Tour History

Motorcycle Week External Links:
Laconia Motorcycle Week Association
Weirs Beach Drive-In MC Week website

NH Photo Tour 1

NH Photo Tour 1 Internal Links:
1. Flume Gorge, Franconia Notch
2. Old Man of the Mountains, Franconia Notch
3. Aerial Tramway in Franconia Notch
4. Crawford Notch from Mt. Williard, White Mts.
5. Motor Vessel Mount Washington, Lake Winnipesaukee
6. Big Squam Lake and Red Hill
7. Upper Unit of Skimobile Tramway, Mt. Cranmore
8. Mount Washington Cog Train
9. Wildcat Mountain Gondola, Pinkham Notch
10. Chocorua Lake and Chocorua Mountain
Dingleton Hill Covered Bridge

NH Photo Tour 1 External Links:
The Old Man of the Mountains on Wikipedia
History of Cannon Mountain Tramway
History of Mount Cranmore Skimobile
Wildcat Mountain History
Mount Washington Cog Railway
M/S Mount Washington Cruises
Flume Gorge NH State Park Info

NH Photo Tour 2

NH Photo Tour 2 Internal Links:
1. The Flume Gorge—Franconia Notch
2. Old Man of the Mountains—Franconia Notch
3. Aerial Tramway—Franconia Notch
4. The Great Gulf with Mount Adams and Madison
5. Motor Vessel, Mt. Washington, Lake Winnipesaukee
6. Whaleback Light—Entrance to Portsmouth Harbor
7. Upper Unit—Mt. Cranmore Skimobile
8. Mt. Washington Cog Train
9. Mt. Washington Auto Road
10. Mt. Chocorua and Lake
Jackson (Honeymoon) Covered Bridge

NH Photo Tour 2 External Links:
The Old Man of the Mountains on Wikipedia
History of Cannon Mountain Tramway
History of Mount Cranmore Skimobile
Jackson (Honeymoon) Covered Bridge
Whaleback Light

Mount Washington Cog Railway
M/S Mount Washington Cruises
Mount Washington Auto Road
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NH Photo Tour 3

NH Photo Tour 3 Internal Links:
1. The Flume—Franconia Notch
2. Old Man of the Mountains—Franconia Notch
3. Aerial Tramway—Franconia Notch
4. Looking South Through Crawford Notch
5. Motor Vessel Mt. Washington, Lake Winnipesaukee
6. Mt. Sunapee State Park
7. Upper Unit—Mtn. Cranmore Skimobile
8. Mt. Washington Cog Train
9. Wildcat Mountain Gondola, Pinkham Notch
10. Mt. Chocorua and Lake
Jackson (Honeymoon) Covered Bridge

NH Photo Tour 3 External Links:
The Old Man of the Mountains on Wikipedia
History of Cannon Mountain Tramway
History of Mount Cranmore Skimobile
Wildcat Mountain History
Mt.Sunapee Ski Area
Jackson (Honeymoon) Covered Bridge
Mount Washington Cog Railway
M/S Mount Washington Cruises
Flume Gorge NH State Park Info

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