All services are located in Weirs Beach unless otherwise indicated

Fill your gas tank at Weirs Beach Citco or Cumberland Farms, the only gas stations in Weirs Beach. Boaters can fill up at Anchor Marine.
What would a vacation to the country be without a visit to a farmstand for fresh produce and homemade baked goods? There are several within 20 minutes drive of Weirs Beach.
Below: Cram's - an early Weirs Beach convenience store. Click here to enlarge
Anchor Marine Variety Store 366-4311 263 Lakeside Ave
Weirs Beach Citco 366-5152 1198 Weirs Boulevard

Cumberland Farms
Opened in October, 2007. Not the first gas station at this location, as shown here

366-7309 183 Endicott St N
Picnic Rock Farms
(formerly Longridge)
279-8421 85 Daniel Webster Highway, Meredith
Moulton Farm 279-3915 18 Quarry Road, Meredith
Beans and Greens 293-2853 245 Intervale Road, Gilford
Stonybrook Farm 293-4300 128 Glidden Road, Gilford
Smith Farm Stand 524-7673 95 Sleeper Hill Road, Gilford
Smith Apple Orchard (webmaster's favorite for apple picking - not a farm stand) 524-1674 184 Leavitt Road, Belmont


Gulbicki's Towing & Auto Repair 366-5402 1193 Weirs Boulevard
Probably Weirs Beach's first "service station", the Lakeside Garage was located on the north end of Lakeside Avenue, where the concrete patio of the Paradise Beach Club is now. It was converted to several different businesses over the years. In the 1950's, it was the Knotty Pine Grill (a restaurant). In the 1960's, it was a dance club known as Teen Haven. In the 1970's, it was the Weirs Beach Playhouse by night, and a bike rental shop by day. In the 1980's, it became the nightclub "Nashville North". The building burned down on October 3, 1985. Click here to enlarge the photo.



Weirs United Methodist Church

Built in 1926

35 Tower St

Original Methodist Church, opened October 17, 1886. Burned November 9, 1924, in the Great Weirs Fire.

Cornerstone Christian Fellowship

Located in the former Grange Hall, at the corner of Foster Avenue and Lakeside Avenue


1 Foster Ave

The Grange Hall featured an auditorium that seated about 100. The webmaster recalls, as a child in the early 1960's, attending a Halloween party at the Grange Hall, where a magician "levitated" an audience volunteer several feet off the stage in a prone position. I still wonder how it was done!

St. Helena Mission Church

524-1357 Rt. 11B


Fire Department
Weirs Beach Fire Station

Laconia, N.H. Fire Dept. Comb. No. 1

(Dial 911 in an emergency)
Lucerne Avenue at Route 11B

Police Department

(Dial 911 in an emergency)
126 New Salem St, Laconia

Laconia Library

Gale Memorial Library, 1910's
Added to the National Register of Historical Places in 1985

Opened June 1903
Recent addition opened 2006


695 Main St, Laconia
Weirs Beach Public Docks (39 boat slips) The Boardwalk 
Weirs Community Center 366-5185  Lucerne Avenue at Route 11B
Weirs Community Park (27 acres) Lucerne Avenue at Route 11B 

For information on other city services, go to the

Day and Night views of Laconia from
Dixon's Point, Lake Winnisquam
Click here for an 1875 engraving of this view!

Lakeport Community Association


Lakes Region General Hospital

Laconia Hospital, 1910's

524-3211 80 Highland St, Laconia
Laconia Clinic 524-5151
724 N Main St, Laconia
Weirs Health Center
Bradley Libenson, DO, MPH
(Doctor of Osteopathy/
Master of Public Health)
366-7700 Alpenrose Plaza
36 Endicot St E
Darren Boles (Dentist) 366-4400 Alpenrose Plaza
36 Endicot St E


Weirs Beach Post Office
03246 & 03247
03246 for all of Weirs Beach began July 1, 1963
03247 for PO Boxes only began March 18, 1983

JUN 1 - SEP 30

Postage Counter:
Lobby: 7:30am-4:45pm
Last mail pickup: 4:15pm

Sat: Postage Counter closed;
Lobby open 7:30am-2:00pm;
Last mail pickup: 2pm

OCT 1 - MAY 31
*Dec 2-24 same as summer hours

Postage Counter: Mon-Fri 8:30am-Noon
Lobby and mail pickups: Same as summer hours


The Weirs Station"
From around 1945-1990, the Weirs Beach PO was located in this very small building, which still stands at 350 Lakeside Avenue, on the SW corner of the intersection with Foster Avenue. Prior to that it was located on the Winnipesaukee Pier.

Alpenrose Plaza
36 Endicot St E

First post office in Weirs Beach:
"Weirs Bridge"-
opened August 1, 1849
Official name change to
"Weirs" (dropping the word "Bridge")-
October 10, 1884
Official name change to
"Weirs Beach"-
Probably 1956

Laconia Post Office, 1920's
Added to the National Register of Historical Places in 1986

Official name change to "Laconia" (from "Belknap County") - July 26, 1855

ATM Machines Located at the Half Moon Penny Arcade, at the Winnipesaukee Marketplace, and at the train station on the boardwalk. A year-round, 24 hour ATM kiosk, operated by Laconia Savings, opened in early 2009, opposite the Weirs Beach arrow sign.
Public Rest Rooms Located at the train station on the boardwalk, and in the bathhouse at the beach
Endicott Wash & Dry 366-5195 45 Endicott St E
Econo Wash 524-9067 589 Union Avenue, Laconia
House of Tattoos 366-9900 347 Lakeside Ave
Ganong Real Estate 366-2600 357 Weirs Boulevard
         For more information on other services in Laconia, check with the
Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce (603) 524-5531 at their main office on South Main St in Laconia, or at their
Summer Information Booth (603) 366-4770 on Weirs Boulevard. Stop by the booth to pick up some brochures and to have your questions answered in person. In 2010, the booth is open, from Memorial Day Weekend to Columbus Day Weekend, on Fridays and Saturdays from 10am to 5pm; and from 11am to 3pm on Sundays.

Weirs Beach has had an information booth since at least the late 1920's. The booth was initially located at the entrance, then moved to the boardwalk, before settling at its current Weirs Boulevard location.
A trio of Laconia Chamber of Commerce brochures from the 1930's. During this time, Weirs Beach was part of the Laconia Chamber. In the late 1940's, Weirs Beach restarted its own independent Chamber, built a new information booth, and began producing an annnual brochure.

         The second Weirs Beach information booth was located on the boardwalk. Click here to enlarge the 1940's postcard, above, or here to enlarge the 1950's postcard, below.

Below, an advertisment in the 1947 Lakes Region Association's "Where To" guidebook.
The ad appeared prominently on the inside front cover of the guidebook.

Below, in 1947, the first of the annual Weirs Beach brochures was produced, in black and white, and featured an artistically detailed map of the Weirs Beach area. The 1948 brochure sported an identical cover and map, but different interior photos.

1947 & 1948
Recreation Center of Lake Winnipesaukee and the Lakes Region - New England's Favorite Inland Resort
         1949          1950          1951
From 1949-1951 the Weirs Beach Chamber produced three brochures with nearly identical covers. Notably, the name of the area changed from "The Weirs" in 1950 to "Weirs Beach" in 1951, thanks to the brand new beach. All three of these brochures featured a separate, artistically detailed map in the inside middle pocket of the brochure.

The Weirs Chamber of Commerce had changed its name to the Weirs Beach Chamber of Commerce by 1952, but as can be seen on the bottom of the cover of this map/brochure, old habits die hard — the location was still known as "The Weirs".
Click here to see an artistically detailed, supersized map from this 1952 brochure!
In this photo from the 1952 brochure, passengers arriving from the Boston & Maine train carry their luggage down the boardwalk. Click here to enlarge the photo.
         1954          1955          1956
In 1954 the marketing slogan changed to the "Recreation Center of New Hampshire" and the name of the organization was now the Weirs Beach AREA Chamber of Commerce. Instead of an artistically detailed map of the Weirs Beach area these brochures featured a generalized map of Lake Winnipesaukee with numbered dots pinpointing the Weirs Beach area businesses.

Detail from the map in the 1956 brochure. Recreation Center of Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire - New England's Favorite Inland Resort
The Bright Spot of Lake Winnipesaukee. An ad in the 1956 Where To in the Lakes Region guidebook.
First modern brochure is created, featuring color photographs thoughout the brochure. A simple map of Lake Winnipesaukee is inside; it does not pinpoint the exact locations of area businesses as previous brochure maps had done.

Everybody has Fun at Weirs Beach... All the family will cheer your choice...nowhere is there so much for so many!
This is it...the ideal vacation spot.
Weirs Beach has everything to offer that a vacationer would want...

In 1958, Tichnor Brothers, a well-know postcard publisher based in Boston, with the "co-operation of the Weirs Beach Publicity Bureau", produces a 12 photo, chrome postcard folder, images from which are dispersed throughout this website. The inside cover of the folder contained the above write-up.

In 2008, 50 years later, many of the activities mentioned in the write-up are still providing the rationale for visitors to come to Weirs Beach.

Also in 1958, Beryl H. Plummer & Associates of Lakeport, who produced the 1954-1956 Weirs Beach brochures, produced an independent brochure about the pleasures of vacationing on Lake Winnipesaukee.
           On September 30, 1959, the Laconia and Weirs Beach chambers merged. There was a temporary separation of the chambers during the mid-1970's, when the "Weirs Chamber of Commerce" was briefly revived, but since that time, the relationship between the two areas of the city has endured, and has become ever stronger.

The Pleasure Center of Lake Winnipesaukee
Weirs Beach briefly revives its chamber and produces its own brochure. Bob Lawton is president.
The Complete Four Season Resort - Vacation Center of Beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee - Vacation Crossroads of New England
Weirs Beach - Where Lake Winnipesaukee Begins website is created.
         On January 1, 2008, the Greater Laconia-Weirs Beach Chamber of Commerce merged with the Greater Franklin Chamber of Commerce to form the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce.

Below are the page titles from a 1930's Laconia Chamber of Commerce brochure,"The City on the Lakes and The Weirs, Lake Winnipesaukee". (Scroll up to see the brochure cover.)
The glowing descriptions of the area still hold true today!

Laconia, New Hampshire - The Playground of New England

A Place For Play and Rest - With Lake and Mountain Atmosphere

Good Roads for Motoring- Good Trails For Walks

Quiet Waters For Canoeing - Deep Water For Power Boats

The Best Fishing in New England - In Lake And Running Stream

A City of Modern Stores - And Up-to-Date Business Methods

A Place Where Folks Are Friendly- And Strangers Are Ever Welcome

The Progressive Spirit Dominates - But Old Traditions Remain

Facilities for Travel - By Motor, Train, Boat, and Air

The Chamber of Commerce Serves All - Not Only Our Own Citizens But Visitors

The Glory That Is Experienced Is The Product of Nature

A Place Where You Can Dream and Let the Other Fellow Work

A Paradise For Children - Where Health Is In The Air

A Variety of Sports - For Young Or Old

Lake Winnipesaukee - And Its 274 Island Resorts

The Famous Weirs - Where People Play

Surrounded By Mountain Ranges - All Year Vacation Land

With Unassuming Prosperity - Laconia Invites You

With Summer and Winter Sports - Excellent Sites for Summer Homes

Advantages Are Natural - And Unparalled In New England

Schools, Churches and Library - Stores, Theatres and Shops

The More You See of Laconia - The Longer You Will Want to Linger

Below, a list of the various organizations that have promoted travel and tourism to Weirs Beach from the 1920's to the present.

Weirs Business People's Association
Late 1920's thru mid 1930's
Laconia Chamber of Commerce
Mid 1930's thru mid 1940's
Weirs Chamber of Commerce
Late 1940's thru 1951; mid 1970's
Weirs Beach Chamber of Commerce
Weirs Beach Area Chamber of Commerce
Weirs Beach Publicity Bureau
Greater Laconia-Weirs Beach Chamber of Commerce
Weirs Action Committee
Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce